Growing up as childhood friends, I always appreciated Claire’s inherent maternal, caring instinct and her expansive non-judgmental perspective. Working with Claire is a deep joy for me. I love her clear, methodical system which offers practical healing tools which are simple to integrate into daily life, which is key to creating deep, profound shifts. Her approach is gentle and powerful, her warmth and encouragement are deeply supportive and her intelligence guides with insight.

I was pregnant with my second baby when I started my sessions with Claire, it was a very exciting time but also one of uncertainty about what this next stage of my life was going to be like and how I was going to handle that. My sessions with Claire help me get focused and gain clarity around what I wanted to achieve as a mum, partner and business woman and how to best do that in a way that worked for me, my family and my business. Thank you Claire!

Being a mother of two and a business owner gets tough at times and it takes courage to reach out and ask for help – and I am so glad I did. I have received sessions from Claire for over a year now and it’s been a total game changer for me. The judgement free, inspiring and compassionate space she offers is exactly what I need when its all getting too much. Claire, thank you for helping me push my self-doubts aside and continually propelling me forward in my life and business. I absolutely love our sessions. Here’s to another year of smashing goals and creating my ideal lifestyle!

“Claire’s helped me stay one step ahead as a busy mum and business owner. I’ve learned to put myself first for a change, delegate more tasks and create more time for what matters most – self-care and my family. Claire has been invaluable in helping me get clear on my most important priorities and let go of the doubts that were holding me back. As a result of my sessions with Claire my income has grown, I have more energy and I have to say I am a big step closer to living out my wildest dreams.”

“As an entrepreneur I don’t have a lack of opportunities, but I did have a lack of focus. I knew I needed something to get my business & personal goals moving forward with effortless ease and then BOOM Claire walks back into my life and so did the 2 greatest coaching calls of my life to date! I had no clue how powerful these sessions would be, but I’m grateful I chose to receive her help & guidance into the greater possibilities available to me. Focus check! Motivated check! Ready check! Within 10 mins of finishing my first session id made contact with 3 key businesses where previously I was stuck in ‘the fear’ and Claire’s techniques made me get out of my own way! If only I’d recorded my calls with her – the expressive body language; fist pumps, arms outstretched in gratitude and the squeals of excitement and delight when the light bulbs turned on! If you’re looking to Fly Higher with a greater appreciation and knowing of who you are & what you/your business has to offer the world then Claire’s your man”

Where do I start… WOW! The online program brought forward my subconscious. It helped me draw forward fears and insecurities I didn’t even know I had! It forced me to face my demons and gave me the courage to believe my impossible is as possible as I want it to be. It was tough and I wanted to run away from it. I walked away from the exercises throwing my hands in the air at times — but I always came back because I felt Claire was with me every step. She supported and inspired me to keep going. And I cannot thank her enough for helping me find my inner answers and strength.

“From my coaching sessions with Claire I have made some pivotal changes in my business and how I work with my team. I am truly grateful for Claire’s expertise in mindset management and business development. As a result of our sessions I have seen a measurable improvements in my job satisfaction and motivation. What’s more, I have learned the value of putting myself first from time to time. My only regret . . . not having contacted Claire sooner for coaching!”

“So professional yet at all times compassionate. Working with Claire brought me renewed freshness and energy. She sparked positive beliefs and my mindset has changed significantly, giving me the confidence to step out of my ever so comfortable ‘comfort zone’. I can’t thank you enough Claire for giving me the very much needed push!! Forever grateful.”

I was recommended to try out life coaching by a friend, and although I was a little sceptical and not sure what to expect, I had a couple of sessions with Claire. I rarely take time out to think about myself or my fears and motivations, and Claire pushed me gently into expressing my concerns and guided me into some courses of action. I felt more empowered after the sessions to approach issues in a different way and also to open my mind to new possibilities in my life. It has been a very positive experience for me and I highly recommend Claire to anyone who is “stuck” and wants to take action!

“Working with Claire has been bliss. Claire is so professional and easy to talk to. Since my sessions with Claire, I have been able to make some significant mindset changes which I can already see benefiting my personal and business life. I have my mojo back and I cannot thank you enough Claire!”

It’s Your Time To Shine Mamma

You spend most of your time and energy nurturing your babies, helping them to grow and shine, but what about YOU?

Do you feel uninspired, overwhelmed or thrown off track since having children?

Ambitious Mums is a coaching and support community dedicated to ensuring you create a life you love.

We Help Mums …

Cope with the identity crisis that comes with being a new Mum

Manage stress, procrastination and overwhelm

Get back on track in achieving their personal and business goals

Boost their confidence and zest for life

Start up new businesses or transition into new careers

Our Mumma-Festo

I am ready to create  my own version of success

I have everything I need within me right now

What ever I want to do, I can start doing right away. I am living my life to the fullest, every minute of every day

I am a work in progress, proudly imperfect and still moving forward 

Its ok to experience self-doubt, fear and uncertainty, but Im not going to let it hold me back any longer

I can be a loving and available mother to my children and still earn a rockstar income in my business  

Adiós to my BS stories, I am letting go of what no longer serves me

My playing small does not serve the world

I am a role model, a leader, I am an AMBITIOUS MUM

Balancing Business & Babies

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Balancing Business & Babies
Real talk on how you can create, build and balance your business or career with the demands of motherhood. Plus helpful tips on how you can wake up feeling confident, worthy and unstoppable.